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Our Story

   Years of Tea Obsession   

When enjoyed alone, tea allows one to take a moment to relax, to contemplate deeply, or to execute the tasks at hand more precisely. When shared, tea allows for a quiet sense of community, or a stimulated conversation where finding commonalities and celebrating differences can occur. 


For Herb Nerd’s brewmaster Nick Batchelder, this philosophy of tea has grown into an obsession. He has traveled the globe making personalized herbal teas for new friends, allowing him to bridge cultural gaps and expand his knowledge of countless herbs. Now he wants to share his organic herbal tea blends with the world. 


We are excited to launch this site with a handful of Herb Nerd’s signature blends. Be sure to sign up for for our mailing list and check back frequently, as we plan an ever-expanding inventory and eventually a personalized tea option, where you can purchase a blend customized specifically for your taste, health needs, and mood enhancement. 

Lastly, we're committed to highest standards in our product. All of the herbs used in our teas and herbal products are Organic, and the teabags we use do not contain dioxins or glue. We're just nerdy like that.  

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